Michelle Helene’s sculptural yet classic pieces tell a tale of getting back to one’s roots, of finding your inner self.

It’s not about wearing a costume; it’s about realizing who you are.

Twice a year, Michelle pursues the inspiration for this realization as she travels from New York to Taos, New Mexico.

Michelle Helene focuses on an organic design process, eschewing the usual mood board in favor of weaving fabrics

in Taos with her brother, Alex.

From there, the form of the collection takes place, ensuring a personal connection between clothes and clientele.

Taos presents a setting of natural beauty that positions Michelle Helene to approach the design process with a freshly renewed perspective.

Her beautifully silhouetted pieces—dresses, trousers, capes and blouses—would be equally at home on either side of the country.

Handmade, bespoke tailoring, sophisticated design and a sensibility that both takes risks and eschews trends is what

makes Michelle Helene stand out.

Her timeless pieces evoke the feeling of something that stays with you over time, and evolves with you as you grow as a person.